personal training

You do what we do.

Whether it’s getting more toned, losing a few pounds, or building strength,
our Personal Training sessions are tailored to help you reach your goals.

What’s different about BARE?

We believe in teaching by doing. So we become your training partner and workout alongside you!

We don’t just instruct, we motivate. You do a squat, we do a squat.

Start sweating with us

We take our trainings seriously, but we also love to make them fun. We vary our training elements to make it interesting for you every time.

Expect to set a goal with your trainer before your first class. Whether it is weight loss, building strength, or gaining muscle mass, we will plan a program designed to meet your goals and fitness level. You will find yourself one step closer to your goal with every session.

Bodyweight training is the core element in our personal training programs. You will also be doing a few weight training sessions to build up more strength.

Bundle packages

Want to mix things up with both PT and group classes? Our bundle packages are perfect for you.

1 month bundle
20 X Bootcamp (1.5 hours).
4 X Personal Training (1 hour).
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STRUCTURED bodyweight training