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Bootcamp (very sweaty)
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structured bodyweight training

No fancy equipment. Just you and gravity, the fundamental elements for a complete body weight workout with a combination of HIIT, calisthenics, movement and strength training exercises.

We bring together the four signature programs to create the BARE experience - a combination of programs in each session. Our training sessions are carried out in both urban and outdoor locations.

you do what we do.

real results


本身自己有運動習慣,參加過不同的運動團練 ,感覺自己進步了些少... 便膽粗粗嘗試參加Bare! 每次訓練過程雖然十分辛苦,但是正正因為這樣,才令我更感受到自己的存在!教練團隊會細心觀察每位學員,並作出提點,而且每次訓練內容也很多元化,令學員感覺到新鮮感,更期待下一次的訓練!

Office Lady, HK

Very fast I realised that everyone is very friendly and supportive - both coaches and members. It is a very closes community that is not only for improving your physique regardless where you start, it is also a place for great friendship and laughter, a network of strong, motivated and ambitious people.

Ukrainian academic, HK

The different personalities and teaching styles bring a good mixture and variety. All the coaches are supportive. Karis helped me with my forms and strength. Vic pushed me through jumps and push-/pull-ups even though I was convinced I couldn't move anymore. KC's obstacle challenges made me fitter and shaper. Sei's sessions improved my flexibility.

German academic, HK

BARE is the MOST inspiring bootcamp that I've ever joined.
It's so much more than just an outdoor workout. It is a platform that helps me realise my true potential and build a special bond with a group of professional, attentive fitness enthusiasts who share the same passion for a healthy lifestyle and who always push me just a little bit further, beyond where I could have pushed myself.
I've never left a single session feeling like I have anything left to give.
BARE gets the best out of me.

Eudora Wang
Chinese financial reporter, HK

累得在抖的腿還是要跳更高跑更快,快要抽筋的腰腹還得堅持多撐一秒,過程中我了解自己的微不足道,但也讓我知道自己有能力一次又一次推進極限。再累再痛苦,Bare的教練還是會陪我撐回終點,因為他們都明白,越艱難的事物就越能帶出更堅強的你。 只要一雙運動鞋,到處都是你的訓練場,放任地折磨自己的身心,打造一個更強的自己 這就是Bare。

Squash Player, HK

Working out with KC and team was a great way to stay active and do workouts that I wouldn't normally do on my own. Being in a group definitely helped stay motivated, and the diverse activities meant I'm not bored or overusing any one muscle. Highly encourage!

Korean sports administrator, HK

All the coaches provide a different challenge for me and have made me improve mentally and physically since I've met them and joined their workout groups. The most enjoyable aspect of KC's programs is the way he always tries to engage the group as a whole in his sessions regardless with the amount of people he always keeps everyone engaged. The creative aspect of his sessions always ensure everyone is kept on their toes and is a surprise and keeps things fresh all the time. Overall his sessions enabled me to improve stamina and endurance wise as well as being a lot more faster. Vic really pushes you physically and mentally to the limits. What his sessions benefit me is the physical strength side of things. Developing a lot more in my overall upper body strength as well as being more powerful overall. What his sessions feel like is literally being in the army. Karis and Sei have both improved my flexibility and my abs/core work. After their introduction to the sessions, I was able to learn different core exercises that I can do as well as understanding the importance of what good form can help you achieve during sessions.

Legal Professional, HK

BARE's fun and challenging training style has made me come back week after week. All the trainers are friendly, passionate about what they do, and take the time to correct my posture which I think is really important! A year ago I couldn't do a push up but now I can do a few! Six months ago running up a hill made me almost black out, but now I can do it easily. Every week, the training has some different elements which keeps things fresh and interesting. Thanks BARE crew for making it easy for me to commit to my fitness :)

Clay artist, HK
Bootcamp + Personal Training
limited time offer
1:1 session

Calisthenics, Strength, Cardio, Movement.

Our program, your intentions, real results.

You will sweat,
with us.

You do what we do. Dedicated trainers who lead by example.

Build aesthetic physiques, naturally.

Ditch the gear. Stripped down to the basics – body, mind, spirit and soul.

we train outdoors - be it urban or natural.

Urban parks, promenades, streets, sportsgrounds, country parks.

all-round bodyweight programs.

Unlock your potential with us.

Active in hong kong island

Outdoor locations:

- Olympic Square, Hong Kong Park, Central

- Victoria Park, Causeway Bay

- Quarry Bay Reservoir Garden 

Indoor location:

- MW Tower, 111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan

"It's what we do, what we enjoy, and what we're best at delivering. No fancy shit, no gimmicks, no f**king about. We ARE the BARE experience. No more, no less."


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